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The city of Berlin was this Saturday the scene of a massive march to demand lower housing prices, the cost of hydrocarbons and food, within the framework of recent protests in Europe due to the high cost of living. in sequence:

They demand in Bulgaria wage increase in the face of high inflation

The demonstrators also demand wage increases and energy security, with caps on the prices of electricity, gas and rent, as well as free public transport and measures on food prices.

Summoned by leftist groups and environmental movements, more than 3,000 protesters marched through the main streets of the German capital, as well as protests in other cities of the country.

The “Umverteilen” (redistribution) movement has been joined in recent weeks by organizations against climate change such as Fridays for Forture, as well as associations against real estate speculation and civic movements in the districts most affected by the rise in rental housing prices .

More regular and smaller protests, predominantly in eastern Germany, have taken place on Monday nights in recent weeks, sometimes leading to isolated reports of violence.

For its part, the German government is implementing measures designed to help combat rising energy prices, in particular setting aside around €200 billion to cap gas prices from next March.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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