French Foreign Ministry threatens Italy with consequences amid migrant crisis

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PARIS, November 12 – RIA Novosti. French Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna warned Italy of the consequences after refusing to accept the migrant ship Ocean Viking. She stated this in an interview with the Parisien newspaper in response to a question about the future of relations between the two countries.
The Ocean Viking is owned by SOS Méditerranée, an association that rescues migrants trying to cross the Mediterranean to Europe. This week, the ship was denied entry into one of the Italian ports, after which it had to leave the coast of Sicily.

Italian PM accuses Macron of betrayal

“There will be consequences if Italy persists in this regard. For our part, we have suspended the mechanism for the resettlement of migrants from Italy and have tightened controls on the borders between France and Italy. Rome must be reminded of its duty to show humanity. And hope that he will understand this message” – explained the diplomat.
According to her, Italy does not respect either international or maritime law. France, in turn, accepted the ship with migrants on an exceptional basis due to “stubborn refusal and lack of humanity” from Rome. The column called this decision of the Italian authorities shocking.

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On Thursday, Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni said that “something is not working” in the European mechanism for receiving and accommodating migrants. She called unfair the approach in which her country should be the only point of entry for refugees.
Earlier, French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said that the country’s authorities, as an exception, allowed the Ocean Viking ship to moor in the port of Toulon. The decision took into account the fact that the ship had been at sea for more than 15 days, “during which the Italian authorities kept the passengers waiting.”
In addition, Darmanin announced the refusal of France to accept 3.5 thousand migrants who were supposed to be redirected from Italy to France next summer, and called on other countries to follow the example of Paris.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Italy commented on the issue of accepting 234 migrants

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