Media: at the air show in Dallas, the B-17 bomber collided with another aircraft

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WASHINGTON, November 12 – RIA Novosti. An American retro-bomber B-17 crashed after colliding with another aircraft at the Dallas air show, according to the local branch of the ABC News channel.
“Local authorities do not yet have information about the condition of the pilots,” the report says.
According to the channel, the B-17 collided with an unidentified aircraft in the air during a show at the Dallas airport, the wreckage fell on a nearby highway.
The B-17 “Flying Fortress” is an American four-engine bomber designed and built by Boeing.
The prototype of this aircraft model made its first flight on July 28, 1935. However, on October 30, 1935, it crashed, which nearly led to the closure of the project. But the investigation of the crash showed that it was caused by pilot error, and work on fine-tuning the aircraft continued. In January 1936, the US Army Air Forces awarded Boeing a contract to build 13 aircraft for operational testing. They were delivered during 1937. The aircraft had several modifications.
The B-17 was an all-metal, low-wing monoplane with a single-fin tail and retractable undercarriage. The relatively thin semi-monocoque fuselage had a circular section. The B-17 was the first Boeing military aircraft to have a flight deck instead of an open cockpit.

In the United States admired the Russian Su-27 fighter

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