Trump voted in Florida

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WASHINGTON, November 8 – RIA Novosti. Former US President Donald Trump and his wife Melania voted in Florida, according to CBS.
“I’m honored to be here <...>I think we’re going to have a great evening, it’s interesting to watch,” Trump told reporters as he left the polls. The Trumps voted in Palm Beach, Florida, where their Mar-A-Lago residence is located. The former president said that the current election “very important,” urging voters to get involved. “It doesn’t matter who, it’s important to come and vote,” Trump said Trump himself cast his vote for Republican incumbent Gov. Ron De Santis, according to CBS.

US midterm elections

Earlier in a weekend speech in Pennsylvania, Trump called De Santis a prude and a hypocrite, returning to the tradition of giving opponents caustic nicknames. Trump’s open attack on the Florida governor is seen by observers as the actual start of the presidential race. Trump, who has repeatedly hinted at plans to return to the White House, is expected to announce the start of his election campaign as early as next week.
“I think Tuesday will be a very happy day for many,” Trump said again today as he invited reporters to his Mar-A-Lago residence.
De Santis, in turn, is also considered one of the strongest and most likely candidates for the Republican Party for the presidency.

Louisiana polling station reported bomb

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