China urged to respect their own ways of development of states

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BEIJING, November 7 – RIA Novosti. China, facing global ideological confrontations, stands for respect for the development paths independently chosen by each state in the world and based on respect for human rights and democracy, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said.
Wang Yi held a video meeting with UN General Assembly Chairman Chaba Koroshi on Monday.

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“In the face of ideological confrontation, China stands up for respect for the development paths that each country has independently chosen and which are based on respect for human rights and democracy. China opposes arbitrary interference in the internal affairs of other states. In the face of the clash of different cultures and the use of force politics, China calls promote common values ​​for all mankind, respect the diversity of cultures, overcome the alienation between cultures through exchanges, learn from each other, overcome the clash of cultures,” said Wang Yi, quoted by the Chinese Foreign Ministry.
He also noted that China has always supported the cause of the UN and the important role of the UN General Assembly.
“China will continue to uphold the international system centered on the UN, and uphold the international order based on international law and international norms based on the purposes and principles of the UN Charter,” he said.

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