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The Prime Minister of Denmark, Mette Frederiksen, presented her resignation on Wednesday after the left-wing bloc she leads obtained a narrow majority in the general elections on Tuesday. in sequence:

Danish voters go to the polls to elect parliament

The Social Democratic coalition won the 90 seats needed for a qualified majority after three-term home rule votes from the Faroe Islands and Greenland in a lengthy recount.

However, Frederiksen submitted his resignation in pursuit of forming a center government with parties from the “blue” opposition bloc, which reached 72 seats in the legislative elections anticipated and forced by the social liberals.

Mette Frederiksen has done it! For the first time since 2007 a Danish prime minister is RE-ELECTED.

So what now? The left-of-centre red bloc has a one seat majority. But Frederiksen’s social democrats campaigned on forming a centrist government

Let’s have a look, I’d say ����

— Nassreddin Taibi (@Nassreddin2002)
November 2, 2022

In this sense, the Prime Minister stated in a debate at the Press Club in Copenhagen that “I have presented the resignation of my Government to Queen Margaret. With this result there is no parliamentary majority to support this executive.

At the same time, the 45-year-old European politician emphasized in the meeting that “we are presenting ourselves to the elections with a project of broad collaboration. It seems that the Danes have supported him.”

Denmark, national parliament election:

With all votes counted, centre-left Socialdemokratiet (AS&D) is again the largest party at 27.6%. This is the party’s best election result since 2001.

Furthermore, this is the 31st time A emerges as largest in the 40 elections since 1918.

— EuropeElects (@EuropeElects)
November 2, 2022

From this, one of the representatives of the 12 parties that managed to insert themselves in parliament will be chosen by Queen Margarita II to lead the negotiating process to form the new administration.

However, national media point out that the election of the monarch is purely formal and that Frederiksen should be in charge, after the center-left forces and the Moderates led by former Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen gave their approval.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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