Dodon accused the leadership of Moldova of the energy crisis in the country

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CHISINAU, November 2 – RIA Novosti. Former Moldovan President Igor Dodon accused the country’s leadership of provoking an energy crisis in the republic.
Moldova is experiencing an energy crisis due to rising energy prices. The authorities announced the search for alternative sources and suppliers of energy, since the only source remained the Moldavskaya GRES, which sells energy at a price of 62.5 dollars per MWh. However, the state enterprise Energocom and Moldavskaya GRES could not agree on deliveries in November. Chisinau began to buy the missing amount of electricity in Romania at a price of 90 euros per 1 MWh. On Wednesday, the national energy market regulator plans to approve new electricity tariffs for the population. The Cabinet of Ministers of Moldova has introduced a regime of austerity, which involves a number of restrictions on electricity consumption.

Moldova and Romania discussed cooperation in the energy sector against the backdrop of the crisis

“The incompetence and incompetence of the team of Maia Sandu (President of Moldova – ed.) and the government that she approved led to the fact that the electricity tariff will rise again. The price may triple compared to the current cost or become six times more than it was a year back. What will ordinary people do in this situation? They will take to the streets to fight this regime. There is no other option,” Dodon told reporters on Wednesday as he left the courtroom, where the lawyers’ request to change his preventive measure was to be considered.
The court session was rescheduled for Friday. The ex-president is under house arrest in connection with the charges against him, including treason and abuse of power. The politician does not admit his guilt, he calls the cases fabricated. Dodon also insists on open consideration of the case in court.

Sandu: pro-Russian parties want to destabilize the situation in Moldova

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