Election of Lula da Silva in Brazil will strengthen the position of Russia, media write

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MOSCOW, November 2 – RIA Novosti. The election of Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva as President of Brazil could strengthen Russia’s position on the world stage, it is expected that he will focus on relations with the BRICS countries, Newsweek reports.
In Brazil, the second round of presidential elections took place on October 30, in which Lula da Silva defeated incumbent President Jair Bolsonaro by a narrow margin.

Bolsonaro did not comment on the results of the presidential elections in Brazil

“Traditionally, Brazilian governments do not take sides in conflicts that do not directly affect the country, and Lula has not made any specific statements about his foreign policy. However, he is expected to focus on the country’s relations with other emerging economies, collectively referred to as BRICS, in which includes Russia, China, India and South Africa,” writes columnist Brandon Cole.
In August, Lula da Silva’s foreign policy adviser, Celso Amorim, criticized US-led sanctions against Russia. Amorim said that if Lula da Silva were elected to the presidency, he would not approve of such measures.
“Lula’s statements added further credibility to Putin’s assertion that only Western countries accuse Russia of aggression, while the global South somehow takes a different position … Russia will not get anything new, except perhaps a diplomatic victory that someone the other is now repeating the theses from Moscow,” Jonathan Eyal, deputy director of the London think tank Royal United Services Institute, quotes the publication. He added that Lula da Silva was not in power at the time the Russian special operation began in Ukraine, so he “had much more freedom to think outside the box.”
The BRICS Group is an informal interstate trade and economic association of five rapidly developing countries, the purpose of which is to develop dialogue and multilateral cooperation. Earlier, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said that a dozen countries in one form or another have already expressed interest in joining the BRICS.

Brazil Election Loser Bolsonaro Has Been Silent for 36 Hours

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