UK has something to hide in Truss phone hacking, FM says

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MOSCOW, November 2 – RIA Novosti. Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova believes London’s silence over the Liz Truss phone scandal suggests Britain has something to hide.
British media have previously reported, citing sources, that Truss’s personal phone was hacked by supposedly “Russian agents” when she was the country’s foreign minister: details of negotiations with allies and discussions of arms supplies to Ukraine were leaked. Details of the incident were allegedly covered up by then-Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Cabinet Secretary Simon Case. The UK government is now calling for an urgent investigation.

The Federation Council proposed to invite Truss for questioning on terrorist attacks on gas pipelines

Zakharova drew attention to the fact that all this appeared in the British media, “from there it just started bubbling, boiling, they began to link it with other information.”
“In order to stop all this or refute or confirm, you need to do the simplest thing, you need Liz Truss in her official capacity, which she actually had, that is, based on the situation at the moment that the British media called as the date of the hacking of her phone, having returned to this state of hers, she remembered and told how it really was,” she said at a briefing.
Zakharova believes that “after all, there must be some kind of reaction from the British government, they have a cabinet of ministers, press services, they have speakers.” “I think this is a worthy reason to appear in public and still say something from yourself, not as leaks that are worthless and only confirm all this endless information fraud,” she said.

Russia will continue to seek answers from Britain and Germany on chemical incidents

“The questions are all formed: was there a hack, were there any messages that the tabloids are talking about? Well, a couple more nuances could also be covered, that’s all – then there will be no speculation, no fakes, everything will be clear, understandable and logical. Why doesn’t the British side do this? It just confirms that they have something to hide,” the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry concluded.
Western Internet media, including the popular American online platform Reddit and 19Fortyfive, discussed the information of the founder of the Megaupload and Mega file sharing services, Kim Dotcom, that former British Prime Minister Liz Truss could send a message to US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken after the terrorist attack on Nord Stream with text “all done”.

UK expands sanctions against Russia

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