In Afghanistan, the Taliban created a women’s unit of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

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KABUL, November 1 – RIA Novosti. The Taliban hired women to serve in the public security unit of the Ministry of Internal Affairs under the interim government of Afghanistan to disperse protests in the country.
According to a statement from the ministry, 100 women are currently being trained to serve in this unit. The Taliban did not comment officially on their job responsibilities. However, according to experts, they are likely to be used to counter women’s protests.
In a video obtained by RIA Novosti, women are equipped with shields and helmets, which the police usually use when dispersing demonstrations.
“This is one of the tactics of the Taliban * to prevent protests and gatherings of women. The Taliban * are doing this to control the (public – ed.) reaction to violence against women,” said women’s rights activist Muhadisa Amine.
Earlier in October, female university students in Badakhshan province and in the capital Kabul demonstrated after the Taliban barred some girls from school under the pretext of not wearing a headscarf and expelled female students.

The Taliban said they did not pose a threat to other countries

The Taliban* have already imposed other restrictions on women and girls: they were forbidden to appear on the street and in cars without a hijab, and they were forbidden to attend school after the sixth grade. In addition, in March, the Taliban officially separated the time for visiting amusement parks in Kabul for men and women.
In early August last year, the Taliban stepped up their offensive against the Afghan government forces, entered Kabul on August 15, and the next day declared that the war was over. The last two weeks of August, from the Kabul airport, which was under the protection of the US military, there was a mass evacuation of citizens of Western countries and Afghans who collaborated with them. On the night of August 31, the US military left the Kabul airport, ending nearly 20 years of US military presence in Afghanistan. In early September, the composition of the interim government of Afghanistan was announced, which was headed by Mohammad Hassan Akhund, who served as head of the Foreign Ministry during the first rule of the Taliban * and has been under UN sanctions since 2001.
* The Taliban are under UN sanctions for terrorist activities

Journalists injured in Taliban crackdown on women’s demonstration in Kabul

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