The Russian Foreign Ministry called the situation around the Korean Peninsula degrading

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MOSCOW, October 31 – RIA Novosti. The situation around the Korean Peninsula is degrading, the launches of the DPRK were provoked by the actions of South Korea and the United States, said Georgy Zinoviev, director of the First Asia Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry.
“Unfortunately, the situation continues to degrade. We see the main reason is that the window of opportunity and goodwill that followed from the DPRK was not used,” the diplomat told reporters, noting that Pyongyang refrained from actions for a long time. According to him, now there is a transition from “a policy of kindness in response to kindness to a policy of spearhead against spearhead.”

Putin called rudeness against Pyongyang the cause of the DPRK nuclear problem

“To a large extent, these launches were provoked by military-political activity, which we have not observed for many years either from the Republic of Korea or from its allies, but which, unfortunately, we have seen in recent months – this is the connection of American military capacities, and large-scale maneuvers between the Republic of Korea and the United States,” Zinoviev added. He recalled that Russia, together with China, put forward a number of initiatives to resolve the situation on the Korean Peninsula, expressing the hope that the logic of peaceful coexistence and problem solving will prevail. The diplomat stressed that no humanitarian concessions had been made regarding Pyongyang.
The Joint Chiefs of Staff of South Korea reported on October 28 that the South Korean military detected DPRK missile launches from the Tongcheon area in Gangwon province between 11:59 and 12:18 (05:59 and 06:18 GMT). It was reported that short-range ballistic missiles launched by the DPRK towards the Sea of ​​Japan flew about 230 kilometers with a maximum altitude of 24 kilometers and a maximum speed of about Mach 5.

South Korean leader accuses North Korea of ​​violating military agreement

The South Korean army’s major annual Hoguk exercise was held from October 18 to 28. Pyongyang has already conducted nine missile tests since September 25, including a medium-range ballistic missile of the Hwaseong-12 type, which flew over Japan, breaking a record 4,500 kilometers for the DPRK, and flying at a height of 1,000 kilometers. Also, over the past two weeks, a number of artillery firings, exercises of the Air Force and tactical nuclear units have been held. In total, since the beginning of the year, the DPRK has conducted 28 missile launches, three of them were tests of cruise missiles.
The DPRK says that all military activity is a response to “provocations” from South Korea, which has recently been conducting active military exercises, both independently and jointly with the United States and Japan.

Japanese PM explains why North Korean missile was not shot down

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