Xi Jinping expresses his condolences over the tragedy in Seoul

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BEIJING, Oct 30 – RIA Novosti. Chinese President Xi Jinping sent a telegram of condolences to South Korean President Yoon Seok-yeol on Sunday following the Seoul stampede tragedy that killed more than 150 people, China Central Television reported.
The Huanqiu Shibao newspaper, citing the Chinese Embassy in South Korea, previously reported that as a result of a stampede that occurred on Saturday evening in the Itaewon district of Seoul, four Chinese citizens were killed and two more were injured.
The head of China in his telegram said that he was shocked to learn about the tragedy in Seoul.
“On behalf of the government and people of China, I would like to express deep condolences for the victims and sincere sympathy for the families of the victims,” ​​the TV channel quoted the text of the telegram as saying.

The embassy spoke about the Russians who died in a stampede in South Korea

Xi Jinping also expressed hope that the South Korean side will make every effort to provide the necessary medical assistance to Chinese citizens injured in the stampede.
Earlier, according to China Central Television, Premier Li Keqiang sent a message of condolences to the Prime Minister of South Korea.
A stampede tragedy in the Itaewon area, famous for Halloween parties, has left at least 151 people dead and 82 others injured. Among the dead were 97 women and 54 men. Among the victims of the stampede are 22 foreigners, including three Russians. Seoul authorities have also received more than 3,700 missing persons reports. South Korean President Yoon Seok-yeol declared national mourning until the end of November 5 in connection with the tragedy, which became the largest in terms of the number of victims for South Korea since 2014. Then, as a result of the crash of the Sewol ferry, 304 people died.

Seoul stampede tragedy is South Korea’s worst since 2014

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