European society is split over attitude towards Russia, Hungary says

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MOSCOW, October 28 – RIA Novosti. The societies of European countries are divided in their attitude towards Russia, many simply do not understand what is happening, Hungarian journalist, member of the Valdai Club Gabor Stir told RIA Novosti.
Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking at a meeting of the Valdai Club, said that Russia had never had any malicious intentions towards the United States and Europe and was ready to develop relations with the “collective West”, relying on the friendly population of these countries.
“We need to continue to say that Russia is not against the Europeans and is not an enemy, because Europe is split. We are not talking about the elites, especially the Western ones, they are anti-Russian and that’s it, point. question: Who is for (Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor – ed.) Orban – he is for (Russian President Vladimir) Putin… Even in Western European countries, society does not think anti-Russian,” the Hungarian expert said.
He noted that many are under the influence of the anti-Russian press, and many simply do not understand what is happening.
“Of course, minds are blurred because the press is anti-Russian. But you need to send a lot of messages to Europe that Russia is not an enemy. Many simply do not know what is happening, others know, but they are anti-Russian. with Russia, but also with China, Arab countries,” the expert added.

Austria and Hungary believe that the EU cannot limit gas prices from Russia

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