In Ukraine, they announced a signal from the United States for Putin

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MOSCOW, October 26 – RIA Novosti. Kyiv saw a letter from Democratic congressmen to US President Joe Biden calling for diplomacy with Russia to end the conflict as a signal for Vladimir Putin, the Washington Post writes, citing an unnamed Ukrainian official.
“This is an encouraging signal for Putin,” the newspaper’s interlocutor said.
Another source said that Kyiv fears involvement in US internal affairs after the scandal over the impeachment of former President Donald Trump.

“We do not stand between Republicans and Democrats. This is the internal policy of another state. And the fact that the positions on the conflict will be different is expected,” a high-ranking Ukrainian official said.

The newspaper stressed that the letter exacerbates Ukraine’s growing concern about maintaining financial and military support from Washington amid statements that the United States will cut aid if the Republicans win the upcoming congressional elections in November.

“Kyiv is not our ally.” Who in the US demands to cut aid to Ukraine

A letter to Biden urging him to seek direct negotiations with Russia to resolve the conflict in Ukraine was sent by three dozen members of the House of Representatives. It was signed by representatives of the liberal wing in the Democratic Party. The Democratic congressmen later withdrew the letter.
Trump became the only president in US history to be impeached twice in the House of Representatives, but both times he was acquitted by the senators. In 2019, the Democrats suspected the American leader of delaying military assistance to Ukraine and demanding in exchange for an investigation against his political opponent Joe Biden and his son Hunter. Trump said that he only called on Kyiv to fight corruption. The Senate acquitted him of both counts.

Ukraine unexpectedly breaks into the agenda of the American elections

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