“Will not save Britain”: in the United States, Sunak remembered the March shame

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MOSCOW, October 26 – RIA Novosti. The detachment of the new Prime Minister of Great Britain from everyday life will not allow him to save the country, writes the New York Post.
Early in his tenure as prime minister, one thing seems certain: Sunak, the savior of the conservatives, will not save the country.
The publication notes that he is still “deeply cut off from the country”, which he will soon rule. While Britain, suffering from economic stagnation and social tension, needs a “compassionate leader.”
The article cites the example of Rishi Sunak having a photo op at a gas station in March of this year in an effort to promote his work as finance minister. But his PR stunt “misfired”: it turned out that the modest red Kia Rio did not belong to him, and then the politician “disgraced himself” even more by failing to cope with contactless payment.

“Now we are covered”: the British commented on the appointment of Sunak as prime minister

“There could not have been a better dramatization of Sunak’s detachment from everyday life,” the article adds.
The Conservative Party of Britain has almost no ideas left after 12 years in power, the publication concludes.
Sunak has become the third Prime Minister of Britain this year. In July, Boris Johnson announced his intention to step down as prime minister. Elected in September to replace him, Liz Truss served only 44 days as prime minister before announcing her departure, after she faced criticism over a new plan to support the economy and fears that the government would increase the public debt to implement it.
Earlier it was reported that the new first lady of Great Britain, the wife of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak Akshata Murthy comes from a wealthy family and prefers to pay multimillion-dollar taxes not in Britain, but in India. In May 2022, the couple made it onto the Sunday Times rich list for the first time. Thus, Sunak became the first politician to appear on this list since its inception in 1989.

Johnson congratulates Sunak on his appointment as British Prime Minister

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