Biden got lost in his own garden

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MOSCOW, October 25 – RIA Novosti. US President Joe Biden “lost” after a tree planting ceremony on the lawn of the White House, writes the British tabloid The Daily Mail.
At the end of the ceremony, the “confused” American leader began to move in one direction, but then abruptly stopped and began to ask the guards which way to go.
When the staff pointed the head of state in the right direction, he exclaimed that he “wanted to go the other way”, they in return assured Biden that he could go as he wanted. As a result, Biden proceeded to the White House as indicated by his guards.
On footage from the event, published by C-SPAN, you can see the “lost” American leader and his dialogue with employees.
Biden, who turns 80 this year, has become the oldest president of the United States in history. Critics constantly accuse him of mental decline, citing frequent gaffes and mistakes he makes.
So, during a recent interview with MSNBC, Biden was asked a question, after which he maintained a long awkward pause, and in late September, at a conference in Washington, he asked Congresswoman Jackie Valorsky, who died in a car accident in August, to introduce herself.

Biden called public fears for his health justified

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Disclaimer: Via RIA Novosti – Checked

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