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The Lebanese parliament held a vote this Thursday to designate the country’s next president, but the nominated candidates lacked sufficient support to be selected, for which another process will be held on Monday, October 24. in sequence:

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According to the president of the Legislative Assembly, Nabih Berri, of the 119 deputies present in the Chamber, 55 voted blank and the candidate with the most support was Michel Moawad, son of the murdered former Lebanese president Rene Moawad, with 42 votes in favor.

It is worth mentioning that Moawad was already the most voted in the session held on September 29; however, he did not reach the minimum required either.

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— Michel Elias Murr (@michel_e_murr)
October 20, 2022

However, Prime Minister Berri added that the number of votes needed to be appointed head of state is 65 votes of approval from the 128 members that make up the Lebanese Parliament.

He also added that the Chamber was convened for next Monday in order to hold a new vote, a week before the term of the current Lebanese president, Michel Aoun, who has already warned that he will not extend his stay in the Presidential Palace, expires. even if a successor has not been chosen by then.

It should be remembered that Lebanon has an interim government, because since his appointment last June, Prime Minister Najib Mikati has not yet managed to agree with President Aoun on the composition of his Cabinet of Ministers.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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