Vučić says he will not support sanctions against Russia

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BELGRADE, October 20 – RIA Novosti. Belgrade will not support sanctions on Russia until there is an existential threat to Serbia, Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić has said.
“As long as there is no existential threat to Serbia, to its citizens, we will not (impose sanctions – ed.), we will pursue an independent policy, which we have determined by the decisions of the Security Council. If we find ourselves in such a situation, I will see and understand that we are facing a life threat, then I will turn to the citizens of Serbia, I will say that we must do this and that. You ask me if this moment has come, I think not. I am proud that we have been pursuing an independent policy for 240 days, “Vučić said on air TV Prva.

Serbian government bans natural gas exports

“We don’t owe them anything, we remember what they did in 2015 (Russia’s veto on the resolution on the genocide in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the UN Security Council – ed.) and constantly and everywhere remind us of this, they protect our territorial integrity in the UN Security Council, together with China… But first of all, we must respect ourselves, I am not looking for an excuse to impose sanctions, I can find five million reasons, but I am looking for a moral and legally impeccable position for the country that I love most and which I lead at the choice of citizens,” he said. Serbian leader.
He also recalled that on Thursday Belgrade officially marks the 78th anniversary of the liberation from Nazi invaders by the Red Army and Yugoslav partisans.
The date of the liberation of Serbia from the Nazis in World War II is associated with the end of the Belgrade operation on October 20, 1944. Soldiers of the Soviet Second and Third Ukrainian Fronts under the command of Marshal Fyodor Tolbukhin took part in the battles for the capital of Yugoslavia, units of the People’s Liberation Army of Yugoslavia Josip Broz Tito made their way towards them.
In the center of Belgrade there is a memorial to 2953 soldiers of the NOAU and 940 soldiers and officers of the Red Army who fell during the liberation of the city. The Eternal Flame burns in it, there are monuments to Soviet and Yugoslav soldiers, mass graves are located. According to post-war estimates by the Yugoslav authorities, over 7,000 Red Army soldiers were buried in the country. Yugoslavia’s participation in World War II, according to official figures in 1945, cost over 1.7 million human lives.

Vucic told how Serbia “interferes” with the West

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