The organizers of the march in Paris announced the participation of 140 thousand people

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PARIS, Oct 16 – RIA Novosti. The march against the high cost of living in Paris on Sunday is estimated to involve 140,000 people, BFMTV reports.
A demonstration against the rise in the cost of living is taking place in the French capital at the call of Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s left-wing party Unsubdued France, the Europe-Ecology-Greens party, the Socialist Party, as well as a number of trade unions and associations. The march started from the Place de la Nation around 15:00 local time (16:00 Moscow time) and is moving towards Place de la Bastille. Among the demands of the demonstrators are higher wages and social benefits, freezing electricity prices, introducing a tax on excess profits, and investing in environmental projects. The demonstrators are also protesting against rising fuel and food prices, as well as against raising the retirement age.
According to the organizers, the action has 140,000 participants.
The Metropolitan Police were expecting 30,000 people to participate.
As a RIA Novosti correspondent previously reported from the scene, the march is being held under the tight control of several police units. The action was peaceful, but then radical youth from black bloc joined it. The radicals began to provoke the police, throwing bottles and smoke bombs at law enforcement officers. The police responded with tear gas.
Also, aggressively minded young people in black masks began to destroy the windows of banks. They snatched the phones from journalists so that they could not film their actions.

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