The situation in Afghanistan affects the security of Tajikistan, said Rahmon

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DUSHANBE, October 14 – RIA Novosti, Lidia Isamova. The situation in Afghanistan directly affects the security of Tajikistan, Tajik President Emomali Rahmon said at the Russia-Central Asia summit in Astana on Friday.
“The situation in Afghanistan directly affects our security, Tajikistan, as the closest neighbor, has always advocated and advocates the formation of this country as a peaceful state free from terrorism, wars and drugs,” he said.

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Rahmon stated that the situation along the entire perimeter of the Tajik-Afghan border, which is more than 60% of the entire border line of Central Asia with Afghanistan, has noticeably worsened.
According to him, Tajikistan is watching with concern the expansion of the activities of various terrorist and extremist forces in Afghanistan.
He stated that “the concentration of combat detachments in the provinces of Afghanistan bordering on Tajikistan and the formation of special forces for suicide bombers in the northeastern regions are alarming.”

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According to him, a network of madrasahs is being urgently created on the basis of general education schools throughout the country to train tens of thousands of Mujahideen, including suicide bombers.
“Obviously, in the immediate vicinity of us, a springboard is being created for the escalation of radical extremist ideology,” Rahmon said.
He also said that more than 175 border facilities have been built in Tajikistan on the border with Afghanistan. “We are trying to strengthen the border and create the necessary infrastructure. Over 2.5 years, we have built more than 175 border outposts in the Afghan direction, but this is not enough,” the president said.
According to him, in Soviet times, this border was guarded by more than 30 thousand border guards, there were 45 aircraft, and all this is now entrusted to Tajikistan.

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