More than a third of Austrians reported a decrease in income for the year

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VIENNA, Oct 12 – RIA Novosti. More than a third of Austrian citizens have reported a reduction in income over the past year, according to a report on the results of a sociological study conducted by the Federal Office of Statistics.
The study, which is carried out once a quarter, involves citizens of Austria from 16 to 69 years old. The current study concerns the social situation in the second quarter of this year, 3120 people took part in it, who filled out the relevant questionnaires proposed by the statistical office.

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“More than a third of those surveyed in May/June 2022 said they had lost income in the past 12 months – an extrapolated figure of about 2.3 million people… The main reason for the loss of income was most often cited as high inflation, which is having an increasingly negative impact . The reduction of working hours and lower wages as the main reason were of lesser importance compared to the previous stages of the study, “says the report on the results of the study, published on the agency’s website.
Also, 31% of respondents said they expect their household income to decrease over the next 12 months. Savings are becoming more necessary – 44% of respondents indicated that they “will cut their spending on large purchases, for example, furniture, car, travel, this is a significant increase compared to the two previous studies,” the report says.
At the beginning of the summer, 16% of those surveyed were already experiencing great difficulty in paying current expenses, many people had exhausted their financial reserves: 28% of those surveyed aged 16 to 69 could not afford to spend more than 1,300 euros without having to borrow money or pay in installments. Among the groups most affected by financial hardship are low-income people, the unemployed, single parents and families with multiple children.

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“Paying the cost of housing is perceived as a growing problem. For about 1.1 million people (18%), housing costs became a serious financial burden in the second quarter of 2022. This is 5 percent more than in the first quarter of 2022,” the statement reads. research.
Also, about 19% of respondents expressed fear that “at the beginning of the summer they will have difficulties with paying incurred housing costs, as well as any rent or loan payments, additional housing costs and operating costs in the coming months,” the study says. This is also 5 percent higher compared to the survey for the first quarter of the year. The share of citizens concerned about this issue is especially high among tenants of municipal apartments (30%) and in cities (24%).

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