Mayor of Chisinau: the police are responsible for blocking the streets during the protest

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CHISINAU, October 9 – RIA Novosti. The Moldovan police, not the city administration, should remove the protesters’ tents from the main street of Chisinau and resume traffic, said the mayor of the capital, Ion Ceban.
The participants of the demonstration held another rally near the tent city in front of the parliament building, where an open-ended protest action has been taking place since September 18. The organizers demand the resignation of President Maia Sandu, parliament and government, and holding early elections. According to the Shor party, more than 60,000 people took part in the protest. The participants adopted a resolution in which they demanded that the authorities compensate for the increase in gas and electricity tariffs, as well as allocate financial assistance to vulnerable segments of the population. To demonstrate the seriousness of their intentions, they set up tents on the central boulevard of the Moldovan capital, blocking traffic. The police asked the mayor’s office to remove the tents.

Protesters in Chisinau launched balloons with the image of the Prime Minister of Moldova

“They are doing everything to accuse the Chisinau City Hall of not unblocking the street and not stopping the protest for those who sit in easy chairs in the buildings opposite. The police are the ones who should be responsible for public order and take measures in case of violation law,” Cheban wrote on social media.
He noted that the mayor’s office only receives notifications about the protest, but cannot regulate it. The mayor urged the residents of Chisinau to avoid the city center and noted that they want to destabilize the situation in the capital.
“The question is to responsible persons, to the police, who are sitting today with their hands in their pockets, waiting, acting deliberately and not interfering, although this is their direct job,” the mayor added.
The protesters are outraged by the unprecedented increase in prices for gas, other energy resources and food, as well as high inflation and falling living standards. The protesters accuse the authorities of failing to cope with the crisis, point to a record inflation over the past 20 years, which in mid-summer amounted to 33.5% on an annualized basis. The country’s leadership is criticized for its unwillingness to negotiate better gas prices with Russia, as well as for political pressure on opposition representatives.
Numerous polls show that about 60% of the country’s population doubts the ability of the ruling Action and Solidarity party to stay in power for another three years before the next parliamentary elections. Also, about 70% of Moldovans are disappointed with the policy of the authorities and almost 65% support the idea of ​​changing the government.

Party “Shor” demands from the authorities to fulfill the demands of the people in a week

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