Israeli forces assassinate two young Palestinians in Jenin | News

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Israeli forces killed two Palestinian youths and wounded several people during a raid in the northern city of Jenin in the occupied West Bank. in sequence:

Palestine condemns murder of two young men by Israel

The Palestinian Ministry of Health specified in a statement that “two citizens were shot dead by the (Israeli) occupation in Jenin”, in the north of the West Bank, territory occupied since 1967 by Israel.

Eleven Palestinians were also injured, three of whom are in serious condition, it added.
According to the official Palestinian news agency Wafa, Israeli forces also fired on the journalists during the raid.

Photo of young Palestinian Mahmud Sous, who was shot dead by Israeli occupying forces in the occupied city of Jenin.

– Palestine Today (@HoyPalestina)
October 8, 2022

In response to Saturday’s attack on Jenin, the Hamas movement, which rules the Gaza Strip, hailed the “resistance in the West Bank” in the face of the “weakness” of the Israeli army, which, it added, “must deploy all its military planes and helicopters to arrest a single person.

According to the official Palestinian news agency Wafa, one of the deceased, Ahmed Mohamed Hussein Daraghmeh, 19, was shot in the head. The other dead, Mahmud Moayed al Sous, 18, died of gunshot wounds to the neck.

Local sources report that the occupation forces surrounded the house of Mohammad Abu Zina in Jenin amid the clash between the Israeli occupation forces and the Palestinian resistance, noting that helicopters were flying over the scene of the violence.

Photo of Palestinian youth Ahmad Daragamah, who was shot dead by Israeli occupying forces in the occupied city of Jenin.

– Palestine Today (@HoyPalestina)
October 8, 2022

The Al-Quds Brigades in Jenin confirmed, in a statement, that their fighters “are engaging the occupation forces inside the camp with heavy bullet fire,” revealing that “a military jeep was directly targeted and damaged by a series of of explosive devices. “

The Jenin Brigade said that “its fighters attacked sniper positions in the vicinity of the camp by firing bullets.”

After arresting the brother of the freed prisoner Mohammed Abu Zina, the occupation forces withdrew from the Jenin camp, according to local sources.

Israel killed 4 Palestinians in the last 24 hours:
Adel Dawoud: 14 years old
Mahdi Ladawdah: 17 years old
Ahmad Daragamah: 19 years old
Mahmoud Sous: 18 years old.
Where is the international community? When will they punish Israel?

– Palestine Today (@HoyPalestina)
October 8, 2022

The two deceased today are added to the death yesterday afternoon of two Palestinian minors who were shot by Israeli forces during clashes in two different parts of the West Bank, where tension has been very high for weeks. Their funerals are being held today, amid outrage among the Palestinian public at the rising death toll at Israeli hands.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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