Zelensky called on the EU to set a course for full “independence from Russia”

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MOSCOW, October 8 – RIA Novosti. Volodymyr Zelensky, during a speech at the Montenegrin Security Forum, called on the EU countries and in particular the Balkans to start a course of “independence from Russia” in politics, economics and energy, strengthening their cooperation, a video message was published on Saturday on the Telegram channel.
“All the states of Europe must dismantle any Russian networks of influence so that there is no spread of disinformation, corruption and criminal politics. For the Balkans, this is no less important than for our part of Europe. Therefore, everyone must achieve complete independence from Russia so that it cannot turn dependence from it in the chain – economic, energy, political – any,” Zelensky said during a video speech.
He noted that the countries of the European region should strengthen alliances and cooperation, while getting rid of all types of dependence on Russia.
Zelensky focused on Kyiv’s proposals for updating the security architecture of Ukraine and Europe, presented in a project called the Kiev security compact, which, in his opinion, could become a fundamental prerequisite for peace in eastern Europe. At the same time, he noted that given the “intensity of the war”, the Ukrainian army needs large volumes of arms supplies.
Volodymyr Zelensky’s office published on September 13 a draft on Ukraine’s security guarantees, Kyiv offers the EU countries, the USA, Britain, Australia and Turkey as guarantors.
According to Medvedev, this is almost the same as applying Article 5 of the North Atlantic Pact (Washington Treaty) to Ukraine. Article 5 states that if one NATO member is the victim of an armed attack, all other members of the Alliance will consider this act of violence an armed attack on all NATO countries and take action as they deem necessary.

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