Explosions of unknown origin affect Nord Stream gas pipelines | News

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The Nord Stream gas pipeline network, in particular the 2, with which gas is supplied to Germany from Russia, has been damaged in three places, its operator confirmed on Tuesday morning. in sequence:

Russia will continue process of accession of territories in Ukraine

According to a statement from Nord Stream AG, the damage to the system on the Baltic Sea bed, all caused in one day, is “unprecedented”.

Russia, through a presidential spokesman, said it could not rule out sabotage as the cause of the damage, while other authorities are investigating.

��������⛽⚠ #NordStream2 —���� Swedish Newscast, SVT: Swedish National Seismology Center: Measurement stations in #Sweden and #Denmark registered powerful subsea blasts in areas of Nord Stream gas leaks on Monday

�� — Photos taken from F16s pilots of the gas leak in the Baltic sea

— Intel Mule (@Intel_Mule)
September 27, 2022

For its part, the Danish energy authority also said it could be a deliberate act, as any event like this was “extremely rare”.

Meanwhile, a reading from a nearby seismograph, which records vibrations on the planet’s surface, showed spikes at times similar to when pressure losses in pipes were first recorded, local television reported.

Sweden’s national seismology center said its measuring stations recorded “powerful underwater explosions” in the area where the gas leaks occurred.

Earlier, the Swedish Maritime Authority had issued a warning about two leaks in the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline, which until the outbreak of the military conflict in Ukraine provided around 60 percent of Germany’s gas needs.

Similarly, Denmark on Monday issued a warning about a leak in the yet-to-be-opened Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which had been built to increase the amount of Russian gas supplied to Germany.

The leak of Nord Stream 2, southeast of the Danish island of Bornholm in the Baltic Sea, caused the establishment of a five-nautical-mile exclusion zone to protect shipping from any danger.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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