Media: an unknown vandal desecrated a monument to the Red Army in the Czech Republic

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PRAGUE, September 27 – RIA Novosti. An unknown vandal desecrated a monument to the Red Army, installed in the center of the Czech city of Olomouc (in the north-east of the country), splashing it in five places with gold-colored paint, the online publication Idnes reported.
“The target of the vandal attack was a monument to the Red Army, which is installed in a park in the central part of Olomouc and commemorates the liberation of the city from German occupation at the end of World War II. Gold-colored paint was applied to the monument in five places,” the report says.
According to the publication, the city police opened a criminal case on the fact of desecration of the monument. If caught, the vandal faces a prison sentence of up to three years.
The monument to the Red Army was inaugurated in Olomouc in July 1945 and is one of the first monuments to the Red Army in what was then Czechoslovakia.

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