Center-right coalition leads Italy’s elections, Interior Ministry says

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ROME, September 26 – RIA Novosti. The center-right coalition wins early elections to Italy’s parliament with 44.06 percent of the vote, according to the first data from the Italian Interior Ministry after counting ten percent of the ballots.
The Brethren of Italy party, Giorgi Meloni, is gaining 26.27 percent of the vote in the Senate elections, showing the best result of any individual political force. Its allies, the League and Forward Italia parties, receive 9.13 percent and 7.66 percent respectively. The counting of votes for the Chamber of Deputies will begin later.
Meloni said the first results showed the desire of citizens to see a centre-right government.
“It seems to me that from the first forecasts one can say that the Italians received a clear indication of a center-right government led by the Brothers of Italy. <...> it was a brutal, aggressive election campaign, I believe that the difficult situation in which Italy finds itself requires the contribution of everyone,” the head of the party said.
The center-left coalition can count on 27.79 percent of the vote in the upper house. Its leading player, the Democratic Party, is tentatively gaining 20.57 percent.
The third most popular political force is the 5 Star Movement, which received 14.34 percent of support.

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So far, data from 7.4 thousand polling stations out of 60 thousand have been calculated.
Polling stations for early elections in Italy were open from 7 am to 11 pm. After they closed, the official counting of votes began. Turnout was 63.8 percent, down 9 percent from the March 2018 vote, interior minister Luciana Lamorgese said.

Election procedure for the Italian Parliament

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