Zelensky demanded tanks from Germany for “victory”

BERLIN, September 23 – RIA Novosti. Volodymyr Zelensky demanded from Germany not to look at the allies, but to set an example for them by supplying tanks to Kyiv.
“I would like to appeal to Germany: you are independent of other states, if you are ready to save people … then give us this technique … If you do not want this, this is your opinion, but then do not say that the United States must first, then Poland – no, everyone should take responsibility. For us, battle tanks mean that we can save more lives,” Zelensky said in a video interview with the German newspaper Bild.
According to him, Ukraine is grateful to Germany for its military and financial support, but “in order for it to win,” it needs more.
“Great Britain gave us a lot, the USA gave us a lot, we don’t need to compare ourselves with other states. Germany gave us very good equipment, we are grateful for Mars II, for financial support … and we do not compare this support with the support of other countries. On the contrary, we need to set an example for others by supplying tanks. Germany is the strongest economy in Europe, so it can also set a good example,” Zelensky said.
Earlier, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz repeatedly explained why Germany does not supply tanks to Ukraine: his country will not take unilateral action on this issue – only together with its allies.
Against the background of the Russian special operation to protect the Donbass, which began on February 24, Washington and NATO allies continue to pump weapons to Ukraine. Moscow has repeatedly stated that the supply of Western weapons only prolongs the conflict, and transport with them becomes a legitimate target.

The German Defense Ministry refused to comply with the demand of Ukraine

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