Biofuel “psychosis” has begun in Europe

MOSCOW, September 22 – RIA Novosti. Due to the energy crisis in Europe, a “psychosis” around wood pellets has begun, as due to toilet paper at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, writes the Spanish edition of La Vanguardia.
As the newspaper notes, sustainable fuel is rapidly making its way into the market, where prices for electricity, oil products and gas continue to rise relentlessly. “In the sector, they say that around pellets now is the same psychosis as around toilet paper in the first months of the pandemic,” La Vanguardia points out.

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According to Javier Diaz, chairman of AVEBiom, a Spanish biomass energy assessment association, before the energy crisis, customers usually started placing orders in October or November and then bought more pellets as they ran out. “Now customers want to buy up all the biofuels they think they need to get through the winter. This has never happened before,” says Diaz.
As a result, pellet producers sometimes cannot cope with such demand. To make matters worse, this year, many companies exported pellet stocks during the summer months to countries such as France, Italy and Germany, where “the psychosis due to the fear of being left without fuel in the winter is even greater than in Spain,” Diaz says. .
Thus, demand in the domestic market for pellets increased by 40-50%, and sales of stoves and boilers soared by 40% compared to last year. At the same time, the cost of one 15-kilogram bag of pellets is now about nine euros, which is twice as expensive as last year, when it cost 4.4 euros.
After Russia launched a special operation to liberate Donbass, Western countries imposed sanctions against Moscow. This plunged Europe into an economic and energy crisis and led to higher fuel and food prices.
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