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The United Nations Organization (UN) opened this Tuesday its 77th session of the General Assembly with the words of the Secretary General, António Guterres, as a preamble to the speeches of the dozens of leaders who meet in New York. in sequence:

Cuba reiterates commitment to strengthen integration mechanisms

The first speech corresponded to Guterres, who celebrated as a success the grain agreement that made it possible to restart food export operations in the Black Sea in the context of the conflict in Ukraine.

He made a call to stabilize the production of fertilizers, as well as the prices of inputs and in particular that of gas.

He listed a list of the current global problems that afflict humanity and their exacerbation in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

He criticized that the international community is not prepared for the current world crisis and its manifestations: climate change, the safeguarding of technologies to protect human rights.

He said that democracy itself is in danger, due to, among other factors, geopolitical conditions. “We cannot continue like this,” said the secretary general in relation to geopolitical tensions. “It seemed that we were going to the G-2, now we are going to the G-nothing”, he exclaimed.

He complained that crises multiply and listed some of their scenarios. He pointed out some of the challenges facing the UN, and pointed to the climate crisis as the “problem that defines our era” and called for speeding up the energy transition.

Finally, he urged compliance with the development goals (SDG) and declared that “they are launching an SOS”.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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