Journalist who accused Trump of rape prepares new charges

WASHINGTON, September 21 – RIA Novosti. The well-known journalist and writer Jean Carroll, who previously accused former US President Donald Trump of attempted rape in the 1990s, is preparing to bring him new charges, according to a court document from her lawyers.
“We are writing on behalf of the Plaintiff to provide the Court with an update and to inform the Plaintiff’s plans to bring new charges against the Defendant under the Adult Survivor Act (a New York State law that allows adult victims of sexual assault to file suit regardless of when the crime was committed). crime – ed.)”, – stated in the document submitted to the court of the Southern District of New York.
In September, a judge in New York denied Trump a lawsuit filed by a journalist who accuses the former US president of rape. Trump filed a motion to stay the case in December last year.
Carroll had previously accused Trump of trying to rape her in the 1990s. Trump strongly denied the accusations, calling them false, assured that he had not met Carroll, and suggested that she was trying to sell her new book by attacking the president.
In response, Carroll sued Trump for damage to her reputation. The Justice Department previously filed a petition to represent Trump in the case because, according to the department’s lawyers, Trump’s statements that led to the lawsuit were made when he became head of state. The judge denied this, which was appealed.

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