Russian embassy expects Canada to increase security after attack

WASHINGTON, September 19 – RIA Novosti. The Russian Embassy in Canada handed over to the local police a video of an attack by an unknown person on the building of a diplomatic mission with a Molotov cocktail and is counting on a thorough investigation, as well as increased security measures, Russian Ambassador to Canada Oleg Stepanov told RIA Novosti.
“We have handed over the video footage of the incident to the Canadian police and expect that a thorough investigation will be carried out, which, I hope, will result in the arrest of this attacker,” the diplomat said.
“And, secondly, (I hope) Canadian law enforcement agencies will draw appropriate conclusions from this case and strengthen measures to ensure the security of our diplomatic missions, which is especially important in the current difficult international political situation,” he added.
According to Stepanov, the current protocols that guide the Canadian services do not ensure the security of the Russian embassy and consulates general of the Russian Federation.
“Patrols are carried out by the city police or the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, that is, from time to time they pass by and monitor the situation, but a permanent guard post has never been set up near our diplomatic missions,” Stepanov said.
“In this case, we are talking, in fact, about an attempt to commit a terrorist act. It turns out that next time a more serious attack may occur. And while the police react, this attack may cause casualties among our diplomatic missions or cause irreparable damage to our property” – said the ambassador.
According to the diplomat, the incident took place on the night of September 12, after midnight. An unknown person threw a Molotov cocktail over the fence into the embassy and ran away. The composition of the mixture did not ignite, none of the embassy staff was injured.
Earlier on Monday, Canadian Ambassador to Russia Alison Le Claire was summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry, she was protested strongly because of the incident with the attack on the Russian embassy in Ottawa. The Russian Foreign Ministry drew the attention of the Canadian ambassador to the fact that, “as in other similar cases of hostile actions against the diplomatic missions of the Russian Federation in Canada, law enforcement agencies did not prevent these incidents and did not detain the perpetrators.”

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