Russia and China do not intend to “rule the world”, says the Kremlin | News

Russia and China do not intend to lead the entire world through their cooperation agreements, but some other countries do have that tendency, Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Sunday. in sequence:

Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping chair the SCO summit in Uzbekistan

The spokesman also noted the “absolute similarity in the attitudes (of Russia and China) towards various types of provocative actions, whose origin is the United States.”

Moscow and Beijing are united in their assessment of the “inadmissibility of this destabilizing behavior,” he added.

In addition, he pointed out that the United States is “the source of the provocative actions, and Russia and China agree on this assessment.”

The spokesman also noted that the US sanctions on Russia and secondary sanctions threats on China have had a limited impact on relations between Moscow and Beijing, adding that the prospects for further development are positive.

“Of course, there are many complications. Sanctions and the threat of secondary sanctions have had a negative impact. But its influence is quite limited because the general trend is still positive,” said Peskov.

He mentioned that trade between the two countries has flourished in recent months despite US pressure on China to cut ties with Russian companies.

The White House described the meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Chinese colleague, Xi Jinping, within the framework of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit in Samarkand, as an example of rapprochement between Moscow and Beijing.

The strategic communications coordinator for the United States National Security Council, John Kirby, criticized the recent meeting between leaders in Uzbekistan.


❗️Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov on the peculiarities of relations between Moscow and Beijing in an exclusive interview with Pavel Zarubin in the Moscow. Kremlin. Putin” on TV channel “Russia 1”

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September 18, 2022

“The whole world should be aligned against what Putin is doing (…) China has to make a decision,” said Kriby, who pointed out that, although Beijing has not supported Moscow, it has not condemned the invasion either. from Ukraine.

The two heads of state held bilateral talks, spoke trilaterally with the Mongolian president, and participated in a meeting of the SCO Council of Heads of State.

Xi Jinping stressed that China is ready to work together with Russia and provide mutual support on issues affecting each other’s key interests.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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