Kyrgyzstan announces tense situation on border with Tajikistan

BISHKEK, September 18 – RIA Novosti. The situation on the border with Tajikistan remains tense with a tendency to stabilize, RIA Novosti was told on Sunday at the press center of the border service of the State Committee for National Security (PS GKNB) of Kyrgyzstan.
“As of 22:00 (19:00 Moscow time) on September 18, 2022, the situation on the Kyrgyz-Tajik section of the state border in the Chon-Alai district of the Osh region and in the Batken region continues to be tense with a tendency to stabilize,” the press representative said. -center.

The Ministry of Health of Kyrgyzstan announced an increase in the number of deaths during the conflict

According to him, within the framework of the agreements reached, additional forces and means are being withdrawn from the state border line to permanent deployment points.
“Law enforcement agencies of the two republics monitor public order in the border areas and conduct joint patrols of the Khujand-Kanibadam/Arka-Borborduk highway,” the ministry said.
Large-scale clashes on the border of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan began on Friday morning. The parties accused each other of shelling. Fierce fighting between the military of the two countries lasted all day along almost the entire perimeter of the border. A ceasefire was achieved only by nightfall. On Saturday morning, intermittent clashes resumed. The parties accused each other of violating the ceasefire agreement. The shooting stopped only by Saturday evening.
The Kyrgyz side reported 59 dead and 144 injured of its citizens as a result of clashes. Tajikistan announced 35 dead and 30 injured.

Kyrgyzstan says Tajikistan’s actions could lead to destabilization

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