In Ukraine, they want to legalize captured and found weapons

MOSCOW, September 17 – RIA Novosti. Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Igor Bondarenko said that there is hope in the new bill to provide for the legalization of found or captured weapons that were not owned by the state.
On February 23, the information department of the Verkhovna Rada apparatus reported that the draft law “On the right to civilian firearms” No. 5708 was adopted as a basis.

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“We hope that this draft law will also provide for a model for the legalization of captured or found weapons. If a citizen legally received a weapon that is not the property of the state of Ukraine, he should be able to keep it. The main condition is that this weapon does not have a criminal trace” , – Bondarenko said in an interview with Ukrinform.
According to him, it is important to provide that if a person who owns a weapon commits a certain number of administrative or criminal offenses, sanctions are applied to him, for example, temporary seizure of weapons or forced sale with a refund. He noted that the legalization of weapons is important for the self-defense of citizens.
“The Ministry of Internal Affairs stands for a moderate liberal model of the circulation of weapons in the state, that is, without extremes. We definitely do not need this now. We need clear rules and an effective system for controlling the circulation of firearms. There will be no uncontrolled” freemen “,” he summed up.

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The head of the national police of Ukraine, Igor Klymenko, said on August 31 that the country has seen an increase in thefts, as well as armed robberies.
Earlier, the adviser to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Vadym Denisenko, said that it was necessary to legalize weapons in the country in the near future, which supposedly would reduce the level of aggressiveness of citizens. He noted that the population of the country now has so many “trunks” in their hands that it will be extremely difficult for law enforcement officers to seize them.
Earlier, in Kyiv alone, the Ukrainian authorities uncontrolledly distributed over 25,000 firearms and over one million rounds of ammunition to the population.

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