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The governor of the Central Congo, west of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Guy Bandu, announced Thursday that seven people died and another 16 were injured as a result of the explosion of a tanker truck carrying large amounts of fuel. in sequence:

Three Peruvian workers die after Yauricocha mine collapse

According to the authorities, the causes of the incident, reported on the national highway near the city of Mbuba in the Madimba territory, about 120 kilometers west of the Congolese region of Kinshasa, are still unknown.

“It is time to take drastic and courageous measures to strengthen the regulation of transport, especially that of flammable products, to put an end to this cycle of claims,” ​​the entity said.

Bilan provisoire déjà très lourd: 7 morts et 16 brûlés graves. Les opérations de dégagement de la voie sont en cours pour remédier aux embouteillages.
We condole aux familles des victimes. Merci pour votre assistance et vos pensaes pieuses ��������

— Guy Bandu Officiel (@g_banduofficiel)
September 15, 2022

Governor Bandu added that lane clearance operations are continuing to clear traffic jams.

The national highway is one of the busiest routes in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, linking Kinshasa, the capital, with the only sea exits at the ports of Matadi and Boma.

Previously, fifty people died in October 2018 and another hundred were injured with burns also in the same region due to an accident similar to the one reported this day.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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