“Shows contempt.” The French were furious after the proposal of the head of the EC

MOSCOW, September 15 – RIA Novosti. Users Twitter outraged by the proposal of the head of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen to send electricity bills to Moscow.
Earlier, von der Leyen, who was criticized the day before by some deputies for the situation with rising prices for electricity and gas in the EU countries, suggested that the disgruntled French parliamentarian Manon Aubry send electricity bills to Russia.

Borrell said that there are people in the EU who want to stop supporting Ukraine

Many commentators found such expressions offensive and advised the head of the EC to be responsible for the decisions made on sanctions against Russia.
“I find such words terrible. They show contempt for people on the part of Ms. Leyen,” wrote a reader.
“This completely inappropriate response is a disclaimer,” said a second.

“Send the bills to Washington” – so the statement of von der Leyen would sound true, “said another user.

“Send electricity bills to Moscow” – you can still believe that this is someone’s annoyed tweet, but not a serious answer from the President of the European Commission to the question of price increases,” another was indignant.
“And I suggest that the French send electricity bills to Mrs. von der Leyen, because she uses the depressing situation of those who cannot pay them only as an excuse to speak out more sharply,” the user said.

“Failure awaits.” The economist was amazed at the new attempt of the West to harm Russia

“This time, it was von der Leyen and the European Union that imposed stupid sanctions against Moscow, what did they hope for? What will Russia save? Now these are the problems of Europe,” they complained in the comments.
“How nice to see how people put it in its place,” stated the user.
After the start of the Russian special operation to demilitarize and denazify Ukraine, the West stepped up sanctions pressure on Moscow. Many countries have announced the freezing of Russian assets, calls have become louder to abandon energy from Russia. These measures turned out to be problems for Europe and the United States, provoking an increase in food and fuel prices.

The US will not be able to help Europe survive the winter, writes FT

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