The Taliban took full control of Panjshir

MOSCOW, September 14 – RIA Novosti. The Taliban military militia (the Taliban movement *is under UN sanctions for terrorist activities) completed a military operation in the Afghan province of Panjshir and established full control over it, spokesman for the movement Bilal Karimi told RIA Novosti.
Panjshir is a province located in the east of Afghanistan. For several months now, the forces of the National Resistance Front of Afghanistan (FNSA) have been concentrated in it, which oppose the Taliban authorities.
“You asked if Panjshir is under the control of Kabul? Of course, yes. The Mujahideen (Taliban militia) have established control over all regions of the Afghan state. If opposition armed elements appear again in any area, then our troops will hit them. They will either destroyed or end up in prison,” Karimi said.
He also noted that dozens of resistance members were imprisoned during this operation.
Earlier, Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid said that the Taliban killed 40 resistance members and detained 101 more during the operation in the Afghan province of Panjshir, which was the first Taliban operation of this magnitude in the province in about one year.
In early August 2021, the Taliban stepped up their offensive against the Afghan government forces, entered Kabul on August 15, and the next day declared that the war was over. The last two weeks of August, from the Kabul airport, which was under the protection of the US military, there was a mass evacuation of citizens of Western countries and Afghans who collaborated with them. On the night of August 31, the US military left the Kabul airport, ending nearly 20 years of US military presence in Afghanistan.
In early September 2021, the composition of the interim government of Afghanistan was announced, which was headed by Mohammad Hassan Akhund, who held the chair of the foreign minister during the first rule of the Taliban * and has been under UN sanctions since 2001.
* The Taliban are under UN sanctions for terrorist activities.

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