Serbia does not dare to abandon the path to the EU, said Vučić

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BELGRADE, September 14 – RIA Novosti. Serbia now does not dare to abandon the path to the EU, not only for the sake of attracting European investment and reforms, but also because of the large number of conflicts arising from the fault of the world‘s special services, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said.
For the second day, the head of the Serbian state is participating in a special meeting of the Assembly (parliament) of Serbia, dedicated to the situation in Kosovo and the negotiations between Belgrade and Pristina, against the backdrop of increased pressure from the West, demands from Belgrade for concessions and pushing for the recognition of the self-proclaimed republic.
“My duty is to say not only what people expect to hear. I think that at the moment we do not dare and it would not be reasonable and good to abandon the European path. I think this is not because I love them so much, and even less because they love us, and above all because of the interests of the Republic of Serbia,” Vucic told the parliamentarians.
According to him, official Belgrade needs to further strengthen the state, attract investors, work on the rule of law and increase cooperation with European countries.
“Especially when we are cut off from others because of the conflict in Ukraine and because conflicts arise every day, they are caused by different world intelligence agencies: from Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, for the third time in the last eight months, to Ukraine, Armenia and Azerbaijan, where 105 Armenians have died over the past two days, and as if nothing had happened. Now the world is such that 105 people were killed on only one side and nothing, everyone has become hardened,” the Serbian leader said and halted to preserve peace in the country and the region.

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