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Russian President Vladimir Putin highlighted on Monday the results of the economic plans that are being carried out amid the sanctions that the West imposes on the country, which are intended to isolate Moscow from international markets. in sequence:

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In this sense, the Head of State specified that the Government has implemented a group of effective protection strategies, support mechanisms for key industries, trunk companies; as well as small and medium-sized companies in order to avoid a sharp decline in the economy, managing to stabilize inflation in the country.

“The adoption of large-scale anti-crisis measures, the stability achieved and the strength of the economy in the face of external challenges, are the result of our macroeconomic policy of the previous years, so the Russian budget is now also significantly better than the of the economies of most of the G20 countries,” said the president.

Likewise, President Putin stressed that the strategies developed have as their main objective to preserve jobs, provide assistance to citizens, mainly families with children and pensioners.

In another order, the entity pointed out that the inflation rate in the country continues to decline, for which it is estimated that it could decrease to 12 percent by the end of 2022; remembering that after the peak of 17.8 percent, reached last April, by September 5 only 14.1 percent was registered.

“Our experts believe that the downward trend in inflation will continue, the monthly dynamics of the key indicators also indicate that the economy is gradually stabilizing, leveling off and entering a growth path,” said the dignitary.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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