The results of the SCO summit in Samarkand will be recorded in a declaration

MOSCOW, September 13 – RIA Novosti. The results of the SCO summit in Samarkand will be recorded in a declaration, more than 20 documents are also expected to be adopted, Yuri Ushakov, assistant to the head of state for international affairs, said.
“After the discussion, the main outcomes of the summit will be recorded in the Samarkand Declaration of the SCO. This is the main document of the current summit, and it is intended to reflect the consolidated positions of all countries on the further development of the organization and current topics on the global and regional agenda,” he told reporters.
“A significant package of documents is expected to be adopted, somewhere more than 20 have been worked out and agreed upon. Among them is the next five-year comprehensive plan for the implementation of the provisions of the Treaty on Long-term Good Neighborliness, Friendship and Cooperation for 2023-2027. Also a roadmap for a gradual increase in the share national currencies in mutual settlements,” Ushakov explained.
The SCO is an international organization founded in 2001. India, Kazakhstan, China, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, Pakistan and Uzbekistan participate in it. Observer countries – Afghanistan, Belarus, Iran and Mongolia, partner countries – Azerbaijan, Armenia, Cambodia, Nepal, Turkey and Sri Lanka. At the SCO summit in Dushanbe in September 2021, the procedure for admitting Iran to the organization and granting the status of a dialogue partner to Egypt, Qatar and Saudi Arabia was launched. This year, Belarus officially applied to join the SCO as a full member.

Iran will be able to participate in the SCO summit as a member of the organization in 2023

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