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Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said on Tuesday that the risk of a military conflict starting in Kosovo is high due to Pristina’s unilateral measures to increase the police presence in the north of the region. in sequence:

Serbia denounces that Kosovo receives weapons and equipment from the US.

In this regard, the Serbian president pointed out during a special session of Parliament that “we are at a time when Serbia, due to the measures adopted by Pristina, is facing important security challenges.”

In this regard, the head of state specified that “there is an increasing presence of the Pristina special police force in the north of Kosovo and Metojia” while assuring that Belgrade advocates dialogue.

Наше војне и полицијске снаге су данас десетоструко јаче, али још важније, ми данас поседујемо више памети и мудрости, и урадићемо све што је у нашој моћи да сачувамо мир за наш народ на Косову и Метохији, али и за целу Србију. ������������ #Vucic @avucic #SNS #Srbija

— СНС СРБИЈА (@sns_srbija)
September 13, 2022

Accordingly, he expressed that “despite everything, we were and continue to be constantly committed to dialogue, aware that the peaceful solution of the problem is the only reasonable path.”

At the same time, the head of the Executive stressed that “there is no crisis created by the Serbian side, however, he asserted that “the danger is close, objective and serious” of a conflict of “catastrophic” proportions.

“Србија неће одустати од своје легитимне борбе за своје државне и националне интересе и борбе за поштовање међународног права”, поручио је председник Републике Србије Александар #Vucic @avucic на првој посебној седници Народне скупштине Србије.

— СНС СРБИЈА (@sns_srbija)
September 13, 2022

At the same time, he stressed that he attends the dialogue “not for fear of the 3,700 NATO soldiers since “we have more and we are not less armed, but the problem is that we would cause a catastrophe for the entire country if we did not want peace and stabilization.”

Similarly, Vucic pointed out that Serbia will not give up “its legitimate struggle for its state and national interests and will fight for respect for international law.” However, he noted that the term to resolve the crisis is indefinite.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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