“Sinking” Britain predicted gloomy prospects because of the Truss

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MOSCOW, September 12 – RIA Novosti. New Prime Minister Liz Truss could lead a “sinking” UK to the point that the country will be “on the sidelines”, according to an article in The Guardian by Simon Tisdall.
“What will other leaders and nations think of Liz Truss in an unprecedented hour of testing for Britain? This untested prime minister must now try to guide the country through a crisis of unity and confidence that could be brought about by the death of her infinitely more famous namesake, Elizabeth II.” the author writes.

Liz Truss opened Pandora’s box

The new prime minister often talks about deepening alliances after Brexit, he said, but her actions to date point not to a “global Britain” “leading the way”, but to a lonely state “without friends”.
At the same time, the death of Elizabeth II, who “was known and respected by presidents and prime ministers of the whole world,” will inevitably weaken British influence, leverage and “soft power” – no matter what the new king Charles III does. So, after leaving the EU, the country is increasingly bypassed and ridiculed by both allies and opponents, and by any standards – GDP, currency, debt, influence, military power – Britain is “sinking”.
As the author notes, Truss took office facing a myriad of challenges, including an energy crisis and a cost-of-living crisis, but the challenge she now faces overshadows all others in its implications for the UK’s internal cohesion and its future place in the world.
“Now the question for the world watching Britain is whether Truss will abandon his ‘us versus them’ rhetoric, curb his Thatcherian prejudices and Europhobia and rebuild the international bridges by which the wounded, half-strangled ‘aspiration nation’ can climb to safety.” , the author warns.
That said, Truss’ track record of resolving disagreements and building relationships, he said, “doesn’t inspire optimism.” “During a clumsy 12 months as Foreign Secretary, Truss has ineptly strained Britain’s relations with all the major international powers,” he points out.
As Tisdall writes, Elizabeth II has always adapted to new times. “Can Prime Minister Leese be as nimble and flexible? Because right now, Britain and the British are in danger of being left on the sidelines,” the author concludes.
British Foreign Secretary Truss was elected head of the Conservative Party on Monday. The former foreign minister won 81,300 votes, overtaking former finance minister Rishi Sunak, who received 60,400 votes. A YouGov poll showed that half of Britons are dissatisfied with the fact that Liz Truss has become the new Prime Minister of Great Britain, only four percent of respondents were very happy with her election.
Buckingham Palace announced on September 8 that Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain, who ruled the country for more than 70 years, died in Scotland at the age of 96. Prince Charles became the next monarch, taking the name Charles III.

Elizabeth is dead. Long live Liz! Britain’s London Bridge collapsed

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