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Serbia is concerned about deliveries of US weapons and equipment to Kosovo and to countries in the region, President Aleksandar Vucic said. in sequence:

Cuba and Serbia ratify willingness to expand cooperation

He also warned that the Kosovo authorities are building special forces bases in the north of the self-proclaimed republic, which is prohibited by current agreements.

In a speech to the nation after a meeting of the country’s Security Council, the Serbian leader indicated that Germany and France, with the support of the United States, demanded that Belgrade “solve the problem of Kosovo” as soon as possible.

Germany and France, with the support of the United States and Turkey, demanded that Belgrade “solve the problem of Kosovo” as soon as possible.

This was stated by Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic in an address to the nation following a meeting of the country’s Security Council

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September 10, 2022

He stated that the Serbian authorities have information that the Albanians are trying to take control of northern Kosovo quietly and secretly after the police began patrolling the border between the two countries and in the area of ​​Lake Ujman.

Last month, the governments of Serbia and Kosovo put an end to the growing tensions, with the mediation of the European Union. Both reached a compromise on the mutual recognition of their identity documents.

On August 27, Belgrade and Pristina reached an agreement on the entry and exit of Serbs and Albanians from central Serbia to Kosovo and Metojia.

In his speech, the Serbian president indicated this Saturday that the representatives of the international community do not react to the violations committed by the Pristina authorities “although they admit that we are right.”

Serbia “is not going to allow a pogrom or the expulsion of the Serbian people” from Kosovo, whose authorities it accused of violating legal norms.

“The savagery and bandit behavior of the Pristina authorities have no end. There is nothing, legal norm, that they have not violated,” stressed the Serbian president.

The Serbian president maintained that the Kosovar police are setting up what he said were “illegal” checkpoints in northern Kosovo.

Kosovo, populated mainly by Albanians, proclaimed unilateral independence in 2008, being recognized by the US, Canada and most of the EU member countries, but not by Serbia, Russia, China, Spain, Greece, Iran and other nations.

In addition, the 120,000 Serbs who live there do not approve of the Kosovar authority either, after a conflict that in 14 years left 13,000 dead, according to estimates by both parties.

EU mediator Miroslav Lajcak and envoys from Berlin and Paris Jens Ploetner and Emmanuel Bonne, respectively, will pay a visit to Pristina and Belgrade on Friday to “add the momentum in the dialogue generated by the agreement on documents personal”.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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