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The Iranian Foreign Ministry condemned this Saturday the sanctions imposed by the United States (USA) against the Persian Ministry of Intelligence and Security and its head, Esmail Khatib. in sequence:

Iran conditions nuclear inspections to reactivation of PIAC

This Friday, the US Treasury Department added the aforementioned entities to its list of sanctions for alleged involvement in cyber activities against the northern nation and its allies, specifically against Albania.

“The immediate US support for Albania’s false accusation against the Islamic Republic and Washington’s subsequent swift action to impose new sanctions against Iran clearly show that the designer of this scenario is not the Albanian government, but the US. .”, explained the spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry, Naser Kanani.

Kanani lamented that Albania has fallen into the game of the United States and has followed the line of the American plans against the Islamic Republic.

Likewise, the diplomat maintained that the US accusations are false and have not been proven and added that criminal organizations such as the anti-Iranian group Mujahideen Khalq (MKO) have been used in many of the accusations against Iran.

“This criminal organization continues to develop a role as one of the tools of the US to carry out terrorist acts, cyber attacks and psychological warfare against the Iranian government and people,” Kanani said.

Members of this group live in a camp in Manez, an Albanian town located near the city of Durres.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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