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The Council of the European Union (EU) has agreed this Friday to suspend the agreement signed with Moscow that made it easier for Russian citizens to obtain visas to travel to the community club, a measure that the European Commission already presented last Tuesday and that the States have ratified. in sequence:

President Putin asserts that Russia faces Western sanctions

“The application of the Agreement between the European Community and the Russian Federation on the simplified issuance of visas to citizens of the European Union and the Russian Federation is completely suspended in relation to citizens of the Russian Federation from September 12, 2022,” the document stated.

It was also highlighted that the decision takes effect from the date of its adoption, that is, this Friday.

⚡️ @US Council adopts full suspension of #Visa facilitation with #russia

The European Council has announced the full suspension of the visa facilitation agreement between the EU and Russia, which had simplified visa application procedures for Russian citizens.

— �� Sarwar �� (@ferozwala)
September 9, 2022

But it will take effect from Monday, as the EU is required to notify the other party to the deal, Russia, within 48 hours of its final approval.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov argued that Moscow, when responding to visa restrictions imposed by the European Union, will be guided by its own interests, while retaliatory measures are not always like a mirror.

“The main idea of ​​​​the president was that we will do what is in our interests. Countermeasures, of course, will correspond to our interests, but not always those that are reflected,” the Russian presidential spokesman replied.

Peskov also emphasized that the Russian Federation is waiting for tourists from Western countries, because this way people will see that they are being told a lot of lies about Russia.

“We are interested in tourists coming to us, even from those countries that we call hostile. Why not?”

“After all, people should see our country and they should understand that what they are seeing and see about our country in their countries, this is a lie. But this can only be explained to them by inviting them here,” he said.

On September 7, Russian President Vladimir Putin declared at the Eastern Economic Forum that Russia will act in accordance with its own interests regarding the restriction of visas by the European Union (EU) and will not take reciprocal measures.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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