The leader of the Shor party called for new mass protests in Moldova

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CHISINAU, September 8 – RIA Novosti. The internationally wanted Moldovan businessman and politician Ilan Shor announced large-scale protests in the country and his return to Moldova.
The politician published two video messages on social networks and on his Telegram channel. In one video, Shor reports that on Friday at 12.00 (coincides with Moscow time) a mass anti-government rally will be held in front of the presidential administration building. In the second video, the oppositionist states that “very soon he himself will participate in these protests.”

Protesters picketed the government building of Moldova

“I am in Israel, in the country where I was born. I came here as a politically persecuted person. But this is not for long. Very soon I will stand on the square with the protesters in Chisinau, and after a while we will enter the government together in order to rule Moldova and make it rich,” Shor said.
The Shor party became the only political force in Moldova that officially supported the anti-government protests of the Bloc of Communists and Socialists. In June, the party gathered on the main square of Chisinau more than 40,000 demonstrators who expressed their dissatisfaction with the current government.

In Moldova, searches were carried out in the offices of the opposition party “Shor”

In July, the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office of Moldova began searches at the homes of activists and supporters of the party in the case of illegal financing of political formations. Later, the parliament, at the request of acting. Attorney General Dmitry Robu stripped the parliamentary immunity of the head of the Shor faction Marina Tauber due to suspicions of illegal financing of the party, later she was detained for 30 days and kept in a pre-trial detention center. Prosecutors extended this measure of restraint to her several times.
Shor is the husband of the famous Russian singer Jasmine. In June 2017, he was sentenced to 7.5 years in prison due to participation in the case of bank fraud, Shor appealed the verdict, he was forbidden to leave the territory of Moldova. After the February 2019 elections, he, as the head of the Shor party, became a deputy, in June he left the country, after which he was stripped of his parliamentary immunity in August 2019. The prosecutor’s office opened three criminal cases in connection with the fact that Shor illegally left the country, he was put on the international wanted list. Despite this, during the early parliamentary elections in July 2021, Shor again became an MP and returned immunity. At the end of May, at the initiative of the Prosecutor General’s Office, Shor was again deprived of immunity due to suspicions of money laundering and fraud on an especially large scale.

Supporters of the Shor party at a rally demanded the resignation of the President of Moldova

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