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The main perpetrator of a mass stabbing in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, Myles Sanderson, died Wednesday from self-inflicted wounds after being hit by police, local media reported. in sequence:

Canadian police expand search for massacre suspect

According to the report, Myles Sanderson was located and taken into police custody in the afternoon near the town of Rosthern, 130 kilometers from the James Smith Cree Nation, where the attacks occurred last Sunday.

“There is no longer a risk to public safety related to this investigation,” the official statement said, and it was later said that the suspect died due to self-inflicted injuries, without further clarifying details.

Saskatchewan stabbing suspect Myles Sanderson has died from self-inflicted injuries after being spotted with a knife in Wakaw and pursued by RCMP then run off the highway in a stolen truck and arrested near Rosthern after 4-day manhunt.

— Freddie Saxon (@WordsmithSaxon)
September 8, 2022

The authorities explained that the capture was made after chasing and ramming the fugitive’s car, after a report of vehicle theft committed by a man armed with a knife.

“Myles has a long criminal history that involves both people and property crimes,” authorities had warned.

To the @RCMPSK and @rcmpgrcpolice members who have been working tirelessly over the past few days, Thank You. There are allot of families in NE Saskatchewan that will sleep allot better tonight due to your efforts, including my own. #Respect

— Kris Babbings (@KBabbings)
September 8, 2022

Last Monday, the police announced the discovery of the body of his brother and alleged accomplice in murdering 10 people and injuring 18 others, Damien Sanderson, in the surroundings of a house in James Smith Cree Nation.

“We can confirm that he has visible injuries, which are not believed to be self-inflicted at this time,” Regional Police Deputy Commissioner Rhonda Blackmore told reporters.

Analysts doubt Damien’s direct participation in the events, since finding him dead suggests that he was probably the eleventh fatal victim of his brother.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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