Death toll from karaoke fire in Vietnam rises to 33 | News

Vietnamese authorities raised the death toll from the fire at a karaoke bar in Binh Duong province, in the south of the Asian country, to 33. in sequence:

At least 23 dead in Vietnam karaoke bar fire

According to local media, in the last few hours, firefighters found the mortal remains of several people trapped in a bathroom on the third floor of the building and other places when they tried to take refuge from the fire.

The deputy director of the Provincial Police, Tran Van Chinh, reported Wednesday night that the victims of the fire are 17 men and 16 women, including a female who died in a hospital from injuries she suffered when jumping into the street. from one of the upper floors of the building.

Several dozen dead in Vietnam after a fire in a karaoke club. At least 32 people died in a fire in a three-story building that housed a karaoke club, in the city of Thuan An, located in the South Vietnamese province of Binh Duong.

– Antonella Brusual (@BonettSol)
September 7, 2022

A member of the search and rescue team said that the work had to be suspended due to the lack of material to open some rooms that are closed and the heat inside the establishment, which has about 30 rooms.

The leader of the Communist Party of Vietnam in the territory, Nguyen Thanh Ham, specified that the cause of the fire, which started on Tuesday night between the second and third levels of a four-story building, which houses 30 meeting rooms, is still being investigated. karaoke, and trapped customers and workers.

Witnesses to the events assured that many people took refuge on balconies, some jumped from heights and others managed to get out through the main door, while the intensity of the flames increased due to the presence of wooden decorations.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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