Western weapons are only delaying the end of the Zelensky regime, Nebenzya said

UN, September 8 – RIA Novosti. Western weapons do not play a decisive role on the battlefield in Ukraine, they only delay the end of the regime of Vladimir Zelensky, Russian Permanent Representative Vasily Nebenzya said at a meeting of the UN Security Council.
According to him, there is every chance that new batches of weapons will be supplied to Kyiv.

The UN expressed concern about the influx of weapons into conflict zones

“Will this change the situation on the battlefield? No, in a fundamental way. And this is what leading military experts say. The new weapon will not be able to change the balance of power, but it will be able to prolong the agony of the Zelensky regime and delay the inglorious end of this regime,” Nebenzya said.
“Western weapons do not play a decisive role on the battlefield, no matter how much our former partners and their Ukrainian vassals claim otherwise,” he said.
Nebenzya added that the Russian army methodically grinds not only obsolete Soviet-style weapons, but also modern NATO weapons.
As the permanent representative pointed out, Ukraine is not only a site for the disposal of obsolete NATO weapons, but also a testing ground for new ones, as well as advertising weapons for export.
“Therefore, it would be naive to believe that Washington and London will change their inflammatory rhetoric in the near future,” Nebenzya added.

The United States has closed Russia’s access to arms imports, said Blinken

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